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We carry one of the best selections of R/C Electric Helicopters in Syracuse! We carry brands we know we can get parts for, because nothing sucks more than crashing your 'copter, and having to wait for parts to come in! From beginner, to hot dog, we  have you covered at Walt's! Our great selection of accessories will get you building your next bird quickly, and correctly! If you are looking for a place to fly, click here!
Trucks & Cars
From the king of R/C, the T-Maxx, to the mightiest of micros, the Losi Micro-T, Walt's covers the spectrum of great rides! Most of us at Walt's have been involved with R/C trucks and cars in one form or another since we were kids. We've also been following the newest trends just like you have! It's amazing what the recent innovations in R/C have given us, and we intend to keep right up with it! Come along with us, and see what is possible!
R/C Basics Knowledge
If you are new to this stuff, don't worry. Getting into this stuff is easier than it has ever been! What once would have cost you more than a thousand dollars, costs under fifty now! It can only get better! Come along on this adventure, and have some fun! Our staff has been involved with their respective hobbies forever! Chances are that if you are experiencing some bump in the road, we've been there too, and know how to get around that bump, and get you running again! Come on in and ask us if you have any questions about anything we sell. We'll do our best to answer your question, and get things going!
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